• Move Smart Contract Security Audit
    Eliminate security risks in Move smart contracts through formal verification and expert review
  • Move DApp Security Audit
    Eliminate vulnerabilities and the risk of attacks on Move decentralized apps with top-notch auditing methods
  • Move Blockchain Security Audit
    Ensure the security of the entire blockchain architecture and application layer through professional security audits and tests


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  • Mon Apr 15 2024

    MoveBit Announces Successful Completion of Security Audit for MoveGPT

    MoveBit completes a comprehensive security audit for MoveGPT on the Aptos blockchain, ensuring top-tier security and efficiency in the MOVE ecosystem. Discover the full audit report and insights on the first AI Launchpad on Aptos that enhances IDO opportunities through advanced AI.

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  • Mon Jan 22 2024

    Move DevConf 2024 Recap

    Recap the highlights of Move DevConf 2024 in Shanghai; Keynotes, panel discussions, and MoveCTF awards. Discover insights on the Move language and ecosystem's growth from experts. Join the Move community's journey into a pivotal year with MoveBit and partners

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  • Thu Jan 11 2024

    Securing the Aptos Framework through formal verification

    Aptos worked with MoveBit in creating formal specifications for large parts of the Framework, which were then verified with the Move Prover. This combined effort gives the Aptos Framework an unmatched level of quality assurance in the blockchain industry and beyond.

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About MoveBit

10+ Years of Cybersecurity Experience

20+ Blockchain Security Academic Papers

100+ Selected Audit Projects

MoveBit, a subsidiary brand of BitsLab , is a blockchain security company that specializes in the Move Ecosystem. We are at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge Formal Verification techniques. The team comprises security professionals with extensive experience in both academia and enterprise. As one of the earliest contributors to the Move ecosystem, we have collaborated closely with Move developers to establish security standards for secure Move applications, making it the most secure Web3 destination.

Paper Publication

Transaction-based classification and detection approach for Ethereum smart contract.

Proactive worm propagation modeling and analysis in unstructured peer-to-peer networks.

Tracking the Insider Attacker: A Blockchain Traceability System for Insider Threats.


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