Jan 10, 2024

Aggregating MoveBit and ScaleBit, BitsLab Focuses on the Security and Infrastructure of EMERGING Web3 Ecosystem


As we enter 2024, the prolonged bear market in the blockchain industry is approaching its end. Taking a comprehensive view of Web3 industry development, navigating development against the current often proves to be the best demonstration of market influence and technological prowess for a brand. In this cycle, both MoveBit and ScaleBit, two blockchain security brands, have gained widespread recognition and acclaim from numerous Web3 ecosystem partners, excelling on both market and technical fronts.

The allure of Web3 lies in its rapid evolution, and BitsLab, the parent brand of MoveBit and ScaleBit, embarks on a renewed journey, it positions itself Securing and Building EMERGING Web3 Ecosystem.

1. BitsLab, Focuses on Securing and Building for EMERGING Ecosystem

BitsLab situates itself in the key track of EMERGING Web3 ecosystem. On one hand, it employs a market strategy by concentrating on delivering professional and cutting-edge security services to the emerging ecosystems. On the other hand, its technical strategy capitalizes on BitsLab’s strengths in programming languages (PLT), formal verification, static analysis, and fuzz testing within the emerging ecosystems.

Initially formed by security experts from academia and industry leaders, the BitsLab team entered the Move ecosystem through MoveBit. As early contributors to the Move ecosystem and the Move language, MoveBit continuously supported the security development of the Move ecosystem by providing security audit services, establishing security standards, and promoting best practices in formal verification. This effort gained recognition from mainstream ecosystems like Aptos, Sui, covering over 80% of Move ecosystem projects. MoveBit actively participated in the core construction of the Move ecosystem, organizing important events such as Move DevConf and MoveCTF.

The birth of ScaleBit was driven by the urgent need for the involvement of emerging security forces in the broader Web3 Mass Adoption. With professional capabilities in Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), Layer 2, and cross-chain applications, ScaleBit is committed to providing customized and comprehensive security solutions. With strong ZKP technical expertise, ScaleBit developed zkScanner, a vulnerability detection tool for Circom and Halo2. ScaleBit is recognized as a security partner for mainstream ecosystems like TON, Linea, BNB Chain, Starknet, and actively empowers the security development of various emerging ecosystems.

2. Deeply Serving Developers, Emphasizing both Securing and Building

Unlike other blockchain security companies, BitsLab not only provides professional security audit services but also actively engages in infrastructure development within emerging ecosystems, fostering deep collaborations with numerous developers. In the Move ecosystem, MoveBit has developed technical tools such as Aptos Move Analyzer, Sui Move Analyzer, and more infrastructure tools for mainstream ecosystems like TON, ZKP, Starknet are set to be released soon.

The vision of BitsLab is to be a Web3 security organization respected by the industry and users. Up to now, in terms of security services, BitsLab has delivered blockchain security solutions for 400+ projects and customers globally, auditing a cumulative total of 400,000+ lines of code, serving a cumulative total of 2,000,000+ ecosystem users, protecting assets a cumulative total of 800,000,000 in USD. BitsLab supports various smart contract language, including Circom, Halo2, Move, Solidity, Vyper, Cairo, FunC, Tact, Rust, and more. In terms of infrastructure development, BitsLab has developed over 8 technical tools, covering scenarios such as programming IDEs, code vulnerability detection, code reverse engineering, formal verification, and more. These tools have been downloaded by over 100,000 users and utilized by more than 60 blockchain development teams.

The active development of BitsLab is inseparable from collaboration with numerous ecosystem partners, and special thanks are extended to long-term supporters such as Sancus Ventures, HashKey Capital, Awesome People Ventures,, AC Capital, Robin&Quinn Capital, and other investment partners.

3. Official Websites Upgrade, Unveiling an Evolved Brand Visual Identity

BitsLab, along with its subsidiary brands MoveBit and ScaleBit, has synchronized the upgrade of their official websites, showcasing the core achievements of the current phase from multiple perspectives. Visit the following link to experience it firsthand:

In order to better embrace the dynamic evolution of EMERGING Web3 Ecosystem, BitsLab is committed to providing more outstanding blockchain security services and infrastructure development, preparing for 2024 and beyond!

About MoveBit

MoveBit, a subsidiary brand of BitsLab, is a blockchain security company that specializes in the Move Ecosystem. We are at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge Formal Verification techniques. The team comprises security professionals with extensive experience in both academia and enterprise. As one of the earliest contributors to the Move ecosystem, we have collaborated closely with Move developers to establish security standards for secure Move applications, making it the most secure Web3 destination.

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